Please Welcome Rena Hodel to the So Fit Team!


About Rena,

I have been on my own health journey for 6 years.  Completely transforming the way I prepare and think about the food I serve my family and myself has made a profound effect.  For years I have studied so much information and developed a love for helping others on their journeys.  This has led me to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.  I have a passion for exploring root cause and not accepting the status quo, so coaching within the functional medicine framework is a great fit.  

So many in my family have suffered with various diseases.  This has certainly heightened my awareness of the discouraging and debilitating effects of disease, therefore I want to offer hope and encouragement to my clients.


I believe that lifestyle changes can make a profound effect on improving health.  This belief, in addition to my optimism, creates excitement to work with individuals to increase their vitality.


When I’m not coaching, listening to podcasts or creating a new recipe you will most likely find me doing typical mom activities.  My husband and I are blessed with 5 children whom create endless opportunities to learn, play, pray, talk and work together.  I am grateful every day I have the health and energy to not miss a moment of this crazy, wonderful life!